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The process to make rubber and silicone products is including materials preparation, mastication, mixing, preformer, cutting, calendaring, vulcanization and machining step. Each step needs specific equipment and technology to complete. TungYu provide machines with the best control on temperature and pressure which is the critical parameter in curing process. The frame design could be divided into compression machine, injection machine and continuous vulcanization machine. In the series of compression machine could have column type, slap-side type, C type and bridge type mechanism.
As to the needs from varied molding products, TungYu apply total solutions in the material feeding, clamping, moving and demolding design. For simple product with big volume requirement, the compression machine could be the choice of speed and quality in production.
We have confidence that you can own the exclusive competitiveness and serve the best quality parts in the market according to our design.
Compression Molding
number one sex toy for women
Slab Side
number one sex toy for women
Other Types
All Electric Servo press
All Electric Servo press