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Transsexual Sex Reassignment Surgery (male to female)

It has also became common for post-op MtF's to have additional genital surgery called "labiaplasty" that construct further details of the external female genitalia. For more information on modern SRS surgeries, see the links and the "Photo Details of Modern SRS Results" below. SRS Becomes an Accepted Treatment for Transsexualism in the U.S.

Vaginal Dilation routine after sex reassignment surgery | Dr ...

The patient and the surgeon share responsibility to achieve the best surgical outcome and maintain a good functional vaginal depth after sex reassignment surgery. For the surgeon’s part, Dr. Chettawut safely creates the maximum depth of the vaginal tunnel and then utilize the best quality of skin graft to form the entire lining of the vagina.

Dilation Following Vaginoplasty - Why Dilating Is So Important

Your surgeon will advise about the proper use and frequency of post-op dilation and it's important to follow their advice above all as it may be specific to your case. Initially, one can expect dilation to take up to 2-2.5 hours per day, with the time and frequency decreasing after you reach 18-24 months post-op.

Orchiectomy (Surgical Castration) - The House of Sissify

An orchiectomy can be done before or instead of sex reassignment surgery (SRS). This is an option for those that either can't afford, aren't in good enough health or do not want to have SRS. It is often recommended to get a bilateral orchiectomy when anti-androgens such as spironolactone or cyproterone acetate cause unwanted and dangerous side ...

Dilation after vaginoplasty – Transgender Map

Dilation after vaginoplasty. After a vaginoplasty, you should use a dilator as shown by your surgeon. Dilation can help you avoid: loss of depth. vaginal constriction (stenosis) partial or total collapse. Do not stop because it hurts. You could be throwing away all the money you just spent. If you have problems after surgery that make dilating ...