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5 great reasons to use lube the next time you’re getting ...

So apply lube liberally during foreplay for a relaxing effect, during anal intercourse itself, or while you’re using anal sex toys for a more pleasurable experience all round. 5. It can make sex safer. Lube reduces friction, so lessens your risk of injury during sex.

Your Guide to Lube for Sex: Types, How to Use & More

Personal lubricant, or “lube,” is a liquid or gel that’s intended to prevent unwanted friction during sex. You can use it for many types of sex, including penetrative and anal sex, as well ...

What’s the Best Kind of Lube for the Sex You Want to Have?

Personal lubricants decrease friction from penises, hands, or sex toys. Anuses and penises do not self-lubricate the way a vagina does. You need lube to make anal, toy, and hand play comfortable ...

How to Use Lube to Make Sex So Much Better | Health.com

It reduces the drag of your hand or sex toy against the sensitive skin of your vulva, clitoris, and vagina, so you can glide your fingers across these nerve-rich areas smoothly, says McDevitt.

How to Use Lube During Sex - How to Use Lube

Yes, lube is great for sex, but it's actually good for ordinary, non-sex things too. "A good silicone-based lubricant can actually be used to tame frizzy hair and prevent thigh chafing," says ...

How to Use Lube for Better Sex — Best Lube Tips | Allure

Zoë Ligon is a sex educator, writer, artist, and owner of the sex-positive online toy store Spectrum Boutique, which is based out of Detroit.. I used to think sexual lubricant was a take-it-or ...

Why You Should Always Use Lube During Sex - Best Lubes for Sex

Lube doesn't just create "a smoother and more comfortable sexual experience for both women and men,” says Allen. It also makes sex safer.

The 10 Best Lubes in 2021, According to Experts | Health.com

The lube is safe to use with condoms and sex toys, and according to reviewers, its non-tacky texture makes it easy to clean.

Quim’s Cannabis Lube Gave Me The Gift Of Multiple Orgasms ...

There aren’t many water-based cannabis lubricants — this point is particularly important if you are using the lube while using latex protection or sex toys. Especially with latex protection like condoms, oil-based lubricants can weaken and break your protection, so stick with water-based lubricants in those cases.

Is Using Coconut Oil as Lube Safe: Sex Guide 2021 - Icy Health

Coconut oil and sex toys. Coconut oil as lube is a big no when it comes to sex toys, specially silicone sex toys. Oil and silicone-based lubricants could damage the rubber of silicone sex toys, removing all of their shelf life. However, if you are using toys made of glass and stainless steel, you can use as much as oil-based lube you want.